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With a fantastic reputation for selling quality dressage horses and ponies, Froxfield Dressage Sales have helped many owners sell their horses/ponies and taken away all the hassle, time and preparation by offering a first class service where you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that the best home will be found.From preparing sales videos and photographs to dealing with vettings, Lynn and her team always strive in matching the best home possible for both horse and purchaser.

Prospective buyers like coming to view at Froxfield Dressage Sales as they always have a good selection of talented horses/ponies for sale making the journey worth while. We also have our on site coach to help them find the buttons and show them the ropes. 

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We take care of your horses wellbeing, sorting everything from turning out and brining in, washing feet, mucking out, hay, feed and everything in between. 

Choose to add on lessons, training, hacking, lunging, show prep, clipping, grooming, bathing...the list goes on!

Our full livery packages are always tailor-made to suit you, your work and your lifestyle. 

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With our experienced team of riders with experience from breaking and young horses through to Grand Prix, our training and competition livery packages ensure your horse is progressing in their training, gaining competition experience and being looked after and cared for like one of our own.

Our training and competition livery packages are fully bespoke. We will sit with you and plan a training and competition plan so your horse is progressing in exactly the areas you want them to. 

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Our Facilities

Built with quality and optimum horse care as the first priority.


Si desea obtener más información sobre nuestros paquetes de librea de venta y cómo funciona, complete el formulario con la mayor cantidad de información posible sobre su caballo. Pronto nos pondremos en contacto para discutir el proceso. 

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